November 25, 2008

How Dreamseekers came about

NIGA Presents Hulk Hogan with Humanitarian Award at Global Gaming Expo 2008NIGA Chairman Stevens reflected on how Hogan's hospital visits to sick children under foundations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and the Starlight Children's Foundations inspired him to become involved in Native issues.

"Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, came to us and he said, 'When I go to visit hospitals, I don't see Indian kids, and that was a real concern to me, so I decided that I want to reach out to these Indian kids'," said Stevens. "And so, we began what we call the Dreamseekers Foundation. Terry already had the experience of making things a better place for the youth in America and so we wanted to extend his biceps, so to speak, into Indian Country."

Upon his acceptance of the award, Hogan spoke about how his concern grew from the lack of healthcare for Native Americans to encompass other problems plaguing Indian Country.

"At first, my mind was set on healthcare across the board. But then, when I learned about the suicide rates, the economic conditions, and about the quality of life in general, we needed to find some way to have a constant stream of revenue to address these problems. We needed to find a way to use Hulk Hogan--the brand, and the power of all my Native American Hulkamaniacs to generate constant revenue stream so we can really get to work on this situation," said Hogan.

"Dreamseekers was destined to be. I had this crazy Hulkamania positive character that all the kids loved and the wrestling fans around the world had dialed into the positive message of the character of Hulk Hogan. And it transcended into the Native Americans and they were some of my biggest fans, the Hulkamaniacs," said Hogan. "The sky is the limit. Under the banner of Dreamseekers, I think we can accomplish a lot of things on a grand scale."
Comment:  For more pictures of Hogan at the Global Gaming Expo, see Global Gaming Expo 2008 (Day 3).

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