July 20, 2009

Comanche floral designer

Comanche trendsetter creates splendorous Native wedding designsJody Colbert, a citizen of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma, is getting a lot of attention in the floral industry by bringing the splendor of Native American art, design and style to the altar.

Colbert is the owner and designer of Mother Earth Floral Designs, located in San Leandro, Calif. Colbert is a fourth generation granddaughter of Quanah Parker, and her floral creations combine the traditional beadworking she learned as a child with her substantial skills as a bridal floral designer.
Below:  "Comanche florist Jody Colbert specializes in American Indian designs for weddings and many other occasions. A fourth generation granddaughter of Quanah Parker, Colbert incorporates traditional beadwork in her unique creations."

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