July 23, 2009

Trimble talks about Twilight

Meet the Native Actor in 'Twilight'

By Chris Cook of the Forks ForumHe said when called in to cast for a role he read all four "Twilight" books prior to being interviewed. "It was ambiguous" which character I would read for, Trimble said.

Having visited his aunt Liz Sanchez in Forks as a child helped him, he said, for he knew the area where "Twilight" is set. He said through their close family connection Sanchez provided him with the first inclination that the "Twilight" books were going to be a big hit.

Sanchez and Ann Penn-Charles from La Push traveled to Portland during the filming of "Twilight" in 2008, Trimble said, to help coach him and actor Taylor Lautner, who is portraying Quileute Jacob Black in the "Twilight" films.

Trimble said fluent Quileute language speaker Charlotte Kalama provided insights into the tribe's language. The actor said he wanted to make sure he represented them in an appropriate way.

These family ties led him to serve as an unofficial technical consultant on Quileute dress, culture and modern-day ways of life for the young people at La Push.

Trimble read for the role of Jacob Black, Bella's Quileute love interest, he said, adding that there was a huge turnout of Native American actors seeking the role.

"Twilight "director Catherine Hardwicke was "amazing" on the set, he said. "We had a lot of fun on the set," Trimble added.

He said in acting before the movie cameras his lines stuck closely to the "Twilight" books as written by author Stephenie Meyer, whom he met on the set. With the author Trimble discussed details of how she would handle the "shape shifting" of her fictional Quileute werewolves in various situations he thought up. They included asking what would happen if a Quileute werewolf ate a squirrel but didn't fully digest it before he returned to human form. The author told him she thought the wolf would quickly digest the squirrel so it wouldn't be a problem.
Comment:  Trimble wasn't rehired to play Sam Uley in the sequels. Perhaps that's because he's "working on a master's degree in statistics and holds a math degree from Portland State University." Did he ask too many questions and provide too much advice on Twilight's portrayal of Indians?

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Below:  "Actor Solomon Trimble stands next to Quileute Tribal Council Secretary Anna Rose Counsell as he holds a robe that he wore in 'Twilight.' The actor presented the robe, made by his mother from a Pendleton blanket, to the Quileute Tribal Council." (Photo by Chris Cook of Forks Forum)

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