July 17, 2009

Lakota to make bows for profit

Lakota-themed bows create jobs on reservationLakota Industries of Xenia, Ohio, and OctaFlex Environmental Systems of Timber Lake will team up to produce archery bows with Lakota themes in South Dakota, Gov. Mike Rounds said.

The initiative will create six jobs at first and is expected to create 15-20 additional jobs on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation by year's end.

Four bow models will be produced in Timber Lake: Big Foot, Oglala, Bison and Takini.

For information, visit www.octaflex.com and www.lakotaarchery.com.
Comment:  I presume the two companies are owned and operated by non-Indians. Therefore, it's good that they plan to use Sioux workers on the Cheyenne River reservation. Otherwise, someone might accuse them of appropriating and exploiting Lakota culture.

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