July 28, 2009

Potawatomi casino vs. Atlanta Braves

The case of the missing Potawatomi sign

By Don WalkerWhen the Milwaukee Brewers met the Atlanta Braves last weekend for a three-game series, something was missing at Miller Park.

Normally, on the outfield wall near the visitors' bullpen, is a large sign for Potawatomi Bingo and Casino.

This past weekend, however, the large sign was covered in plastic wrap.

How come? Neither a casino or Brewers' spokesman would comment, other than to say that the two business partners have a confidentiality clause in their agreement that forbids release of any details of the contract.

But there is a sense that the Potawatomis find a team named the Braves offensive. Moreover, the tribe might not be thrilled with the Braves logo, which includes a hatchet.
Comment:  If the tribe is indeed covering its sign only when the Braves play, it would seem to be an anti-Braves message. That would be an unusual and "brave" stand for an Indian tribe or casino to take.

For more on the subject, see Former Noc-A-Homa = Oxy(moron) and Team Names and Mascots.

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