July 24, 2009

Report on Comic-Con 2009

My pal Victor Rocha and I spent a few hours on the Comic-Con floor Thursday with Victor's young friends Eric and Rebecca. Other than our Twilight adventure (which I'll describe later), here's what we saw.

Alas, things haven't changed much since my report on Comic-Con 2008. Read that to get a baseline of the Comic-Con experience.

  • Fewer comics dealers and independent publishers than ever. If there was an artists alley or art show, I didn't see them. The organizers may have moved them somewhere else.

  • No minorities worth mentioning--either behind or in front of the booths. Even the Japanese manga and anime presence seemed muted. Comic-Con is a lot whiter than the real world.

  • Lots of Boba and Jango Fett statues and toys. Since when has the Fett family become the most popular Star Wars figures?

  • Some Michael Jackson merchandise but no Farrah Fawcett merchandise.

  • Fewer zombie products than last year.

  • A big display for the upcoming movie 2012, but only one hint of its basis in the Maya calendar.

  • Displays for The Last Airbender, which features white actors playing Asian and Inuit roles.

  • Displays for James Cameron's Avatar, which features an alien but indigenous humanoid tribe.

  • A few celebrity sightings--including the inevitable Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) but not the inevitable Lou Ferrigno.

  • For more on the subject, see Comic Books Featuring Indians.


    Unknown said...

    Man, Boba Fett has some magical appeal for the fanboys that cannot be described. Ever since Episode 5 (where he appeared for ten minutes and DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING)they have been singing praises to his name. I don't get it either, man

    dmarks said...

    It even started before the 2nd "Star Wars" movie, when there was a cartoon featuring Boba Fett. There was an action figure out not long after.

    Anonymous said...

    Ah you missed one big one: "Rob Schmidt's Peace Party: The only and real Native American comic! Any other work that features Native Americans (in the past, present or future) are fake, insane, stereotypical, morbid, wrong, ugly and WHITE. Only us are the real ones, see us on booth 453. BUY NOW! WHITE CASH IS WELCOME :)"

    dmarks said...

    Money has only one color: green.

    Rob said...

    I've never claimed PEACE PARTY was "real" and didn't try to sell it at this year's Con, Anonymous. For more on your stupid comment, see PEACE PARTY = "Real" Native Comic?