July 30, 2009

Pizza worker calls Indian "jackass"

Pizza Workers Accused Of Discrimination

Native American Priest Says He Was Poorly Served At Old Hickory Little Caesars

By Jonathan Martin
A priest from a Native American tribe claims he was discriminated against and called a racist name at a local pizzeria.

Lou White Eagle, 63, said he ordered two pizzas on Wednesday afternoon from the Little Caesars on Lebanon Road in Old Hickory.

He said he waited 25 minutes while eight other customers came in asking for the same $5 pizzas. White Eagle said those customers were served within a few minutes.

After this occurrence, White Eagle said he politely asked for his money back.

"I just got up and felt if they are not going to serve me, I might as well leave," said White Eagle. "I feel this place is very prejudiced."

When he got home, he called the manager to complain and said the employee who answered the phone acted unprofessional.

"He yelled, 'Its Jennifer's Native American jackass on the phone,'" said White Eagle.
Comment:  It's probably just a coincidence that this happened in Old Hickory:Old Hickory, Tennessee is a section of metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee, named in honor of President Andrew Jackson who was nicknamed "Old Hickory."For more on the subject, see One Incident/Week in Rapid City? and Highlights of the US Report to the UN on Racism.

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