July 27, 2009

Go Native Arts! TV series

International Native American art and film news:  Organizations Unite to Support New ProgramsA series of Native American fine art and film programs are in development to promote Native arts and cultures internationally.

A television series, a student internship program and a film festival are three of the new programs being developed by three Santa Fe-based Native American arts institutions: Center for Indigenous Arts and Cultures, Institute of American Indian Arts and the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts.
And:Three generations of late, acclaimed sculptor Allan Houser’s family are being profiled in the pilot episode of CIAC’s new documentary television series, “Go Native Arts!” In May, filming began at the Allan Houser Compound, a sculpture garden south of Santa Fe, designed by Houser’s son, Phillip Hoazous, who is co-directing the first episode. Broadcast offers from local, as well as global networks, are currently being considered. The series will be translated into foreign languages to maximize potential viewers worldwide.

“Go Native Arts!” will explore and celebrate Native arts and artists from throughout the Western Hemisphere. The initial episodes focus on three major Southwest tribal cultures: Apache, Navajo, and Pueblo. Navajo painter Tony Abeyta and his family will be profiled in an upcoming episode. Dancing Earth choreographer/director, Rulan Tangen (Metis), will be performing with her dance group.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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