September 02, 2009

GOP healthcare "plan" = replace Obama

Harold Monteau:  Killer rhetoric from the far rightDo the people that are protesting the loudest really believe that the "public option" is going to be the "death of health care as we know it" to quote one Senate Republican leader who recently ran for President? Does he really endorse the Republican "call to arms" and its philosophy of "disrupting and shouting down the opposition" as the American way? Do the Republicans really believe that they can encourage disrespect for this President and encourage the disrespect being shown to Senators and Congressional Members in the Town Hall Meeting and then demand civility when they are back in power? The cat is already out of the bag and we may never see that former respect and civility again. What they are encouraging is another rip in the fabric of what America was before someone decided that we could be the world "bully" with no consequences to our nation.

Does anyone truly believe the Far Right has the answers to the Health Care Crisis. They can loudly articulate what they don't want; which is anything that smells like a "public option" but they certainly can't articulate anything that would otherwise work. If they had something that would work, they have had some 25 years of Presidential and Congressional power behind them to get it done and it has not been done. Their goal is that they "want the President to fail." They will sacrifice the health, and safety of the American people because they cynically believe that if they can cause a colored President to fail and they can convince white voters that they can only be saved by a white President and a Republican Congress, then they will be back in power again in four years. How desperate. How self-serving. How "base" to think that only by inspiring fear and appealing to either a latent or blatant white fear of colored people, can they be back in the driver's seat.
Comment:  For more on the healthcare debate, see Healthcare Protests Are Race-Based and IHS = Model for Healthcare. For more on the right-wing hatred of Obama, see Palin's "Real America" vs. America and Right-Wingers Foment Hate.

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Anonymous said...

The GOPsuckers have totally lost it.
Although, most non-white Americans won't admit it, but the Republican party has apparently become the party of racist bigots and a pro-white interest group. Its tough being in this position, especially if you're a non-white and want to preserve some of our American values but can't vote for Republicans because of how they handled themselves by disrespecting anyone who happens to be a non-white and serving this country. But at that same time you don't want "Socialism" or "Communism" or "big-governments" either. So to borrow a line from Tim Giago, its probably best being an Independent. Neither party is suitable for our liking. If the Republicans can purge itself from white supremacy and the virulent notions associated with it, I just might be a Republican once again.