September 11, 2009

Museum explores Rogers's roots

Exhibit to focus more on Rogers' Indian ancestry

Cherokee Chief Chad Smith will be at the museum's unveiling of the exhibit Saturday.

By Rhett Morgan
Will Rogers is readily remembered as a humorist, roper, author and actor, but his Cherokee roots are sometimes overlooked.

Officials at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum are trying to remedy that.

"Really, there had been a gap for many years at the museum of giving attention to his Cherokee heritage," said Steve Gragert, executive director of the museum.

"Certainly, it was implied and demonstrated in some ways, but not given good emphasis. This is an opportunity for us to give some focus to it."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Rogers Not Recognized as Cherokee and Will Rogers the Cowboy Indian.

Below:  "The famed Oklahoma author, actor, roper and humorist 'would proudly proclaim his heritage as a Cherokee, which for the time was unusual,' said Steve Gragert, executive director of the Will Rogers Memorial Museum."

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