January 06, 2010

Ferries won't be named for Indians

Ferry naming slowed by need for 'process'

By Justin BurnettFour months after a name proposed by the Port Townsend community was approved for the new ferry under construction for the Keystone route, the state Transportation Commission is balking at accepting a name proposed by advocates in Central Whidbey.

According to Reema Griffith, spokeswoman for the commission, naming the first new ferry to be built for the route after the 19th century Chief Chetzemoka made sense because of strong community support--and the fact that the shipbuilder was in a hurry to find out which name to paint on the new ferry's hull.

But the commission doesn't want to start a precedent of naming ferries after individuals, Griffith said. So there's a good chance the name proposed by the Swinomish Tribe and supported by Central Whidbey business groups, the Island County Historical Museum and the Coupeville Town Council won't be chosen.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Name 2nd Ferry for Swinomish Leader and Name Ferry for S'Klallam Chief.

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For more on the subject, see:


Ferry naming hits rough waters

A local effort to name a local ferry after a 19th century tribal leader appeared to have been derailed after Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen proposed legislation that would have made it unlikely the vessel could be named in honor of a person.