January 10, 2010

MSN to apologize for Quileute video

Quileute to receive apology for MSN.com's 'Twilight' video

By Paige DickersonMSN.com is set to offer a public apology to the Quileute tribe today for a video shot on Stephenie Meyer Weekend in September that showed unapproved filming on the reservation--including scenes of the cemetery and graves, said tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs.The details:The film crew shot images of the Tribal Council building, totem poles, First Beach, the Senior Center and the Quileute Cemetery.

The film was set to dark music--described by Jacobs as "macabre"--and was filmed in an amateur documentary style.

Repeatedly zooming in and out on a grave of a Quileute tribal chief--who Jacobs did not name--also added to the dark, suspenseful nature of the short film.

"As a native woman, I was astounded and sick to my stomach--especially knowing I was the person who would have to tell the family about this," Jacobs said.
Comment:  I haven't seen the video, but it sounds as though the filmmaker was implying something dark or devilish about Indians.

We can give Twilight and New Moon a little credit for this incident. The books and movies portrayed the Quileute as mysterious and clannish with secrets and supernatural powers. The filmmaker didn't know or care whether this portrayal was true or not. He went with a stereotypical view of Indians because that's what people expect.

For more on the subject, see Indian Burial Grounds and Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

Below:  Those dark, devilish "Quileute Indians."

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