January 05, 2010

Native American Scouting Combine

Day of Champions

4 Love of the Game announces Native American football scouting combine

The event, featuring the “Day of Champions” staff, is for graduating high school seniors only

By Lucas Taylor
Every year all across Indian Country there are hundreds of talented Native American high school football players overlooked by college and university coaches and recruiters. Why? It’s not because Native American athletes are smaller, slower, weaker or less talented then other athletes. The reason we have found Native American athletes are not recruited is lack of exposure and little to no voice representing Native American athletes in the network of coaches and recruiters throughout the United States. Playing in a small community, on a team with a losing record or simply lack of reputable recruiting services in their respected areas continues to plague the hopes and dreams of Native American student-athletes.

In response to this problem, 4 Love of the Game has developed the Native American Scouting Combine for graduating high school seniors, featuring the Day of Champions. The Day of Champions is headed by Ken Heupel, a coach with more than 20 years experience at the collegiate level and staffed by junior college, NAIA, Division II and III College coaches from around the country.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Investing in Native Athletes and Football Camp on Navajo Rez.

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