March 05, 2010

Canada's Avatar Sands

Canadian firms upset with oilsands-slamming ad in VarietyOil producers are giving two thumbs down to an ad in Variety magazine comparing Alberta’s oilsands developments to the environmental devastation caused by humans in the blockbuster movie Avatar.

“We invite these activists back to planet Earth to discuss the appropriate balance between environmental protection, economic growth and a safe and reliable supply of energy,” said Janet Annesley, vice-president of communications for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), in a news release.

The ad, which is signed by 50 non-governmental organizations, environmental groups and some First Nations, and features the headline “Canada’s Avatar Sands” over a photo of an oilsands mine, appeared as Hollywood gears ups for Sunday’s Academy Awards presentations.
Comment:  Good use of Avatar to criticize destructive environmental policies.

For more on the subject, see Why the Right Hates Avatar and Ecological Indian Talk.

Below:  The "Avatar Sands" ad in Variety.

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