March 06, 2010

Yellowbird at the Opry

Yellowbird still dreaming big

By Debbie MishibinijimaFor the Samson Cree Nation member from Hobbema, Alta., life as a child had its challenges. He was bullied and teased by other children because of a severe stuttering problem.

Eventually, he started regular sessions with a speech therapist, who suggested he sing out his sentences.

“I took a deep breath and formed a sound--it was easier for me to speak,” he says.

The breathing exercises he practiced taught him how to hold a note.
And:Yellowbird has indeed been living the dream. One of his most memorable moments came in November when he performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

“It was an absolutely amazing feeling--just knowing the history of it,” he excitedly said.

“It was magical like I stepped into a story book.”

Backstage at the Opry, he met one of his mentors, country crooner Mel Tellis.

Much like Yellowbird, Tellis also had a stuttering problem. CMT plans to air a behind the scenes documentary on Shane’s experience at the Opry.

As for remembering his roots, Yellowbird enjoys performing for Aboriginal audiences.

“When I have an Aboriginal crowd, I tell different stories using Indian humour,” Yellowbird says. “Humour runs in my families so I like teasing.”
Comment:  For more on country singers, see Johnny Cash, Ira Hayes, and Bitter Tears and Carrie Underwood, Creek Idol?

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Sorry for going off topic but I just heard Lolly Vegas of Redbone passed away in his sleep.He was 70.
RIP Lolly...condolences to his family.