August 02, 2011

Native It Gets Better video

LGBTQ Native American Youth:  It Gets Better

By Steve W.The National Native American AIDS Prevention Center has recorded a special It Gets Better video aimed at LGBTQ Native American Youth to communicate to them that there is life after bullying and that they are valuable beyond measure.

The video’s description really says it all:

“This is for all the LGBTQ Native youth throughout the country. From the villages in Alaska, to the Islands in Hawaii, to every corner of Indian Reservations across America… It Gets Better…we are living proof!! If you or someone you know is feeling alone… call the Trevor Project… they can help! 1-866-4U-TREVOR.”

Comment:  For more on Native gays, see Native Drag Queens Honor We'wha, Four Genders in Navajo Culture, and Two Spirits Documentary on PBS.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if we should conflate AIDS with gayness. AIDS is actually slightly rarer among Indians than among whites, and there's a slightly greater association with drug addiction (either from selling one's body for drug money, or from sharing needles).

On Sioux reservations, there seem to be the two predictable factions of traditionals (the only problem being Kertbeny and Kraft-Ebbing's bifurcation) and Christians (whose position you are probably familiar with). Several reservations actually have legalized same-sex marriage, including at least one by referendum.

ChaCha said...

Thank you for posting this! What a strong message that is worth repeating far and wide.

Rob said...

The video came from the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, but I don't think it mentions AIDS. So I don't think it conflates AIDS and homosexuality.