January 19, 2012

Beyoncé touts makeup for Natives

Beyonce Touts L’Oreal Cosmetics That ‘Match’ Your Native American ShadeIn her new television commercials for L’Oreal’s TrueMatch line of cosmetics, pop star Beyonce says her face is “a mosaic of all the faces before it” while the words “African American … Native American … French” appear on screen.

In Jennifer Lopez’s L’Oreal spot, she is identified as “100% Puerto Rican;” Aimee Mann’s ingredients are given as “Irish … Austrian … Italian.”

The “Native American” in Beyonce’s makeup (pun unavoidable) comes from he mother’s Creole heritage which, according to widely circulated profiles, includes American Indian.
Comment:  For more on Indians and makeup, see Native Girls Judged on "Poise," Makeup and Tyra Apologizes for "Colorface."

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Anonymous said...

First Nike has that special shoe, then Hillary stays in to make the theme of the 2008 primary "South Dakota matters", now this. What's next? Not that I'm complaining. Except, um, too much makeup is uncanny, and "just right" is "they don't even know".