January 03, 2012

"Indian Bob" on Celebrity Wife Swap

'Celebrity Wife Swap': Gary Busey, Ted Haggard Trade Wife, Fiancee

By Suzan ClarkeTonight's episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap" on ABC featured a unique exchange: Gary Busey's fiancée and Ted Haggard's wife traded places for one week. Surprisingly, there were no fireworks.

The hour gave viewers insight into the lives of the two households, and into the struggles of Busey--who suffered a brain injury after a motorcycle accident and is now known for his wacky way of expressing himself, and Haggard, an evangelical Christian who was disgraced when a gay sex and drug scandal came to light.
The Native aspect:The actor identifies as Christian but also is open to a variety of spiritual influences. He believes he and Sampson have been together in 31 previous lives.

When Busey invites an American Indian to do a ceremony at his him, the man, identified only as "Robert" or "Bob," invites Haggard to be cleansed. Uncomfortable with the idea, she asks to simply observe instead of participate.
Gary Busey and Gayle Haggard as captive newlyweds on 'Celebrity Wife Swap': A quick review

By Ken TuckerGranted I was only catching it between covering the Iowa caucus media circus, but the high point of Tuesday night’s Celebrity Wife Swap had to be when Gary Busey introduced the wife of disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, the gracious Gayle Haggard, to a Lakota Sioux Indian who within seconds of meeting her declared the devout woman “a lost soul.” Gayle Haggard was so politely offended, she was speechless. Gary Busey, meanwhile, was cackling like crazy. Celebrity Rehab was never wilder, more surreal, than this.Comment:  For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

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