January 05, 2012

Indian Bob identified

Indian Bob from Celebrity Wife Swap Revealed: Meet Dr. Robert PrimeauxYesterday we posted an item on “Indian Bob,” a friend of Gary Busey’s who appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap and gave Gayle Haggard a spiritual assessment.

Thanks to Facebook fan Lynn Manning, we have a positive ID: “Indian Bob” is Dr. Robert Primeaux, a Vietnam veteran and actor from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Primeaux sits on the honorary board of Before They Go, an educational charity that pays tribute to military veterans.
And:Primeaux, a graduate of Sitting Bull college, owns several degrees and is currently working on a second Ph.D. A March 2011 article from the Daily Sparks Tribune identifies Primeaux as president of the Reno chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Primeaux has appeared in over a dozen films, his most notable being Rough Rider, the 1997 TV movie about Teddy Roosevelt starring Tom Berenger (Gary Busey was also in it, as Gen. “Fighting Joe” Wheeler).

Primeaux is seen as an authority on Native culture, with particular expertise regarding horses. This article from KBR Wild Horse and Burro News describes a Native horse blessing he conducted.
Comment:  I didn't watch the episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, but I'm not seeing what qualified him to comment on someone's "soul." Acting, military vets, and...what else?

Doing horse blessings doesn't mean he can do human blessings, of course. That every Indian has spiritual abilities is a myth and a stereotype.

For more on the subject, see "Indian Bob" on Celebrity Wife Swap.

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