January 06, 2012

Noose incident at Bronx Parks Department

Speaking of the microaggression minorities suffer every day, here's another example:

Say Parks Dept. tried to hide noose incident

By John MarzulliA CITY WORKER who found a black doll hanging from a noose at the Parks Department’s Bronx headquarters is claiming his supervisors tried to cover up the alleged hate crime before cops took over the probe, the Daily News has learned.

Anthony Crum leveled the allegations in a notice to sue the city for emotional distress filed this week with the city controller’s office.

Crum, who is part Shinnecock and Blackfoot American Indian, made the discovery on Dec. 20—a baby doll hanging by the neck from a chain fashioned into a noose—and immediately reported it.

The notice states that Crum’s co-worker Fariz Ahmemulic “admitted to him and other employees that he hung the doll as a ‘joke.’” Crum, 50, contends two Parks Department supervisors allegedly told Ahmemulic to remove the doll, which he did, then put it back in the spot in the garage.
Comment:  Seems to be a lot of racism going around in New York City. This is the second noose incident involving Indians in the last six months. For every incident that reaches the media, dozens may go unreported.

For more on the subject, see Native Employee Taunted with Hanging Doll.

Below:  "Black doll hanging from noose at Parks Department's Bronx garage."

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