October 06, 2012

Adam Beach Foundation and Film Institute

Q&A: Adam Beach on His New Initiatives for Youth and the Arts

By Calum ShanlinIt's fair to say that Adam Beach didn't have the easiest upbringing. He tragically lost both of his parents at the age of eight, later finding himself "drawn to acting to enable (his) emotions to go somewhere." By his early twenties, Adam had made a name for himself starring in the CBC show North of 60. A career in Hollywood followed, but Adam recently returned to his roots at CBC and in the North with Arctic Air. Season two of the hugely successful drama is currently shooting in and around Yellowknife and Adam took some time out to speak to CBC Live about some of his new endeavours, The Adam Beach Foundation and The Adam Beach Film Institute.

CBC Live: Tell us about the Adam Beach Foundation and what it does.

Adam Beach: The Adam Beach Foundation is something that I've put together to enhance the awareness of suicide, for the prevention of suicide and also to provide different opportunities to distract the younger generation from losing hope, from thinking that they have nowhere to go or have no ideas to put together.

Can you also tell us about the soon-to-launch Adam Beach Film Institute?

AB: What I've also done is create a film institute to bring in young filmmakers, to teach them and train them and then send them back to wherever they are to promote filmmaking in Northern communities.
Comment:  For more on Adam Beach, see Mini-Review of Path of Souls and Adam Beach as Hollywood Source.

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