October 31, 2012

Natives protest Hurons logo

Native American reps upset about Huron

By Danielle WillmanRepresentatives from the Native American community were on hand to express their displeasure with the resurrection of Eastern Michigan University’s Huron logo on the new Marching Band uniforms and various university paraphernalia at the Board of Regents meeting Oct. 30 in Welch Hall.

Zhaawanong Nimkii Kuew and Linda Cypret-Kilbourne went before the board on behalf of the Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media. Cypret-Kilbourne spoke passionately against the use of the logo.

“Hiding the race-based logo inside the uniform does not change its meaning,” she said. “It makes it more offensive and shows the Native American community your true colors.”

Cypret-Kilbourne accused EMU president Susan Martin and the university of insensitivity and racism.

“We are a living race of people, here and now, so why do we have to be insulted in this manner today?” she said.
Comment:  The school seems to be missing the logic here. If the logo is offensive, why bring it back at all? If it isn't offensive, why hide it inside the band uniform jackets? Why not display it proudly for everyone to see?

For more on the subject, see EMU Revives Hurons Logo.


dmarks said...

A step backwards. Doesn't seem that common.

After all, aren't all the mascot-logo stories about schools protecting existing images?

Here we have someone adding a new one.

Rob said...

They're reviving an old mascot, actually. Does that make a difference? It's still a bad idea.