October 06, 2012

Pix of Global Gaming Expo 2012

Not much to report at this year's Global Gaming Expo. I was at our booth most of the three days. I didn't see many Indians and no celebrities.

I did see a hint of a trend toward more "ethnic" slot machines. That includes Native-themed slots. I saw about three Inca themes, two Maya themes, and one Aztec theme. Stupidly, they all used the pyramid associated with the Maya.

The main entertainment at the show was all the little people (formerly known as midgets). There were Oompa Loompas, Mini-Elvis and Mini-Marilyn, and the whole crew of Micro Championship Wrestling. I think they were advertising different things, so it may have been a big coincidence.

My photos of the trip:

Global Gaming Expo (Day 4)--October 4, 2012
Global Gaming Expo (Day 3)--October 3, 2012
Global Gaming Expo (Day 2)--October 2, 2012
Global Gaming Expo (Day 1)--October 1, 2012

For more on G2E, see Off to Las Vegas '12 and Pix of Global Gaming Expo 2011.

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