October 15, 2012

McNairy "hurt" by t-shirt criticism

These days, Internet controversies often end in a matter of hours. But the Gap's "Manifest Destiny" controversy lingered over the weekend.

People tweeted comments to the Gap and shirt designer Mark McNairy. They also posted comments on the Gap's Facebook page, but someone quickly hid them.

No one from the Gap acknowledged the controversy. But McNairy responded to the tweets with this:

F.A.I.R. MEDIA's repsonse:This is what a NON-apology looks like.

Sorry about getting caught, not sorry about the Manifest Destiny shirt, and the effects of racism on millions who must live it every day.

Try again, Marc. This time, with meaning.
For more on Manifest Destiny, see America the Self-Declared Victim and Scalia Ignorant of Indian Law.

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