October 12, 2012

Menominee soldier in VP debate

Elections 2012: A Bunch of Malarkey, the Debate Joe Biden Wanted

By Mark TrahantAs the conservative blogger Erick Erickson noted on Red State: “This debate changed nothing. I think Paul Ryan did a great job. But many Democrats will think Joe Biden did a great job. And I think most undecideds will have thrown their hands up in frustration half way through.”

Ryan did, however, mention American Indians, he cited a Wisconsin Menominee who’s serving in Afghanistan.

“When I went to the Arghandab Valley in Kandahar before the surge, I sat down with a young private in the 82nd from the Menominee Indian Reservation who would tell me what he did every day, and I was in awe,” Ryan said. “And to see what they had in front of them—and then to go back there in December, to go throughout Helmand with the Marines to see what they had accomplished—it’s nothing short of amazing.”

Indian Country Today Media Network live tweeted the debate and there was significant participation, as 120,357 accounts were “reached” by the hashtag #ICTMNDebate (save it, we’ll use it again on Tuesday).

On Twitter, @JustinLepscier posted: “Thank you @PaulRyanVP for supporting our troops and taking time to talk with a Menominee in Afghanistan! #ProudMenominee.” However @Astronomommy wrote, “Menominee County (which is also a reservation) always votes Democratic. #funfact.

Others immediately asked how Ryan could talk about Menominee while cutting programs critical to Indian country.
Comment:  For more on the presidential campaign, see Navajo Student Introduces Michelle Obama and GOP America = Strivers vs. Parasites.

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