October 27, 2012

Aubrey O'Day as Indian princess

Here's another in the seemingly endless parade of celebrity wannabes in headdresses. From Facebook:

Anyone heard of that Playmate Aubrey O'Day? She is enjoying playing the 'sexy squaw' at the Playboy Mansion party. Another ignorant racist appropriation..."Native culture is not a costume. Please take off the headdress."

Feel free to comment on her profiles!! Some people need a serious education!!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AubreyODay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aubrey-ODay/129159690718
E-mail: Aubreybooking@gmail.com

Other pics, because she's been posting a new pic every hour, like the offense was not enough:

'A powwow': http://instagram.com/p/RUhRWvt4sC
'Native American Princess': http://instagram.com/p/RUYgG_N4nK
'Indian Princess': http://instagram.com/p/RURQ8-t4i9
'Ever Ran with the bulls?': http://instagram.com/p/RUNzeht4hB
'Cowgirls & Indians': http://instagram.com/p/RT_1DCN4lV

People need to be educated, to understand how racist it is. This kind of appropriation goes toward the Native American cultural genocide. Please respect us! Our culture is not funny!
Aubrey O'Day wrote: "I'm a lil Indian girl for the festivities tonight! I made my entire costume, including headdress!" Headdress for girls? What's next?!!

Headdress is part of Native American culture and today is only worn for ceremonies. It is not a costume. It is being worn by men only to show their braveness. Please respect!!

"The bonnet had to be earned through brave deeds in battle because the feathers signified the deeds themselves. Some warriors might have obtained only two or three honor feathers in their whole lifetime, so difficult were they to earn. The bonnet was also a mark of highest respect because it could never be worn without the consent of the leaders of the tribe." (Wikipedia)

If you don't see anything wrong in these pics, then read this article, we all learn along the way: http://nativeappropriations.blogspot.fr/2010/04/but-why-cant-i-wear-hipster-headdress.html

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Natives and others react

Commenters offered the usual outraged reactions, including these:She doesn't know how to use her brain anyway...just let me think I'm cute...hee hee. Moron.

Unfortunately, people that exploit their own bodies are not likely to stop exploiting other people or their cultures.

You need a serious education Aubrey!

We could all post on her link, she won't get it. She doesn't scream 'rocket scientist' mentality. People like her can be told a million times how disrespectful donning that head dress is, and they don't have a clue.

She's a dumb bimbo, guess we should really just feel sorry for her dumbass.


Very offensive.

Disgraceful, ignorant and rude....
And here's a column that could've been written about Aubrey O'Day:

Don't Make Me Rip Those Chicken Feathers Off You

By Dana Lone Hill[W]hen I see a hipster dressed as a over-sexualized, skanky, little wannabe in a teeny, tiny fake buckskin dress and purple chicken feathers in her hair that are supposed to represent a head dress that only men wear, I want to rip the chicken feathers off her head and give her a piece of my mind.

With Halloween coming up, this seems to be a popular costume. The main claim that "this is not racist" makes me furious.

First off, the excuse that people are cowboys for Halloween does not validate this at all. A cowboy is not a race of people. A settler is not a race of people. To totally excuse the fact that you are mocking and making fun of every woman I have ever looked up to in my life is total disrespect. Nobody says, "Oh, I'm going to be a white person for Halloween, or I'm going to be a black person, or I'm going to be a Jew." If someone did this it would be silly, shocking, and people would be pissed.

So how can hipsters totally disregard us as a people and dress like us in fake feathers, plastic beads, and hooker length dresses and say we are supposed to be honored they chose to represent us?
Comment:  For more on "Indian princesses," see Company Pulls "Sassy Squaw" Costume and Sexy Chief vs. Jana.

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