October 16, 2012

Lana Del Rey in a headdress

Lana Del Rey's 'Ride' Video: 'I Believe In The Country America Used To Be'Lana Del Rey has released an epic 10-minute video for "Ride," her new single off "Born to Die--The Paradise Edition."

"I was a singer. Not a very popular one," Del Rey says during the video's three-minute prologue, which alludes to the fact that her character might be a prostitute. "I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet. But, upon an unfortunate series of events, saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on, over and over again, sparkling and broken."

"I was always an unusual girl," Del Rey says.

What follows is a series of striking images: Del Rey wrapped in an American flag; Del Rey having sex with an old man on a pinball machine; Del Rey riding a motorcycle with bunch of guys who you might find at next year's Sturgis Festival; Del Rey firing a gun.

"I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy," Del Rey croons, before putting on a Native American headdress.

To be specific, she appears in a headdress at about the 7:04 mark and continues with it until the 8:00 mark. She's at a biker camp at night, where she sits on a motorcycle, waves a gun and some sort of sticks, and carouses with a biker.

She sings these lyrics as she points the gun at her head:I'm tired of feeling like I'm f*cking crazy
I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes
I look up to hear myself saying,
"Baby, too much I strive, I just ride."
Clearly, the scene is meant to suggest wild abandon. Because all Indians embody the name "Crazy Horse," you know, and ride like they're "f*cking crazy."

A Facebook image suggests what Indians think of this:

For more on the subject, see 13 Rock Stars in Headdresses and Eurovision Singer Performs in a Headdress.


Anonymous said...

it seems you, the writer of this blog are way too sensitive. i know she didn't mean it as an attack on your culture. the enslavement and murder our ancestors, since i am hispanic, faced, while unjust, is just about irrelevant in the year 2012. as for 'ride', it's just fashion and a sweet song.

dmarks said...

I'm not sure what you are meaning to say. Apparently, Rob should lighten up at attacks on his Native American culture, and because you are Hispanic, it is a sweet song and does not matter?

Unknown said...

When a Mexican calls him/herself a HISPANIC and then try to justify an anglo-american wearing a headdress. Wow. All of the awards to you.

dmarks said...

I'm not sure if he is even claiming to be Mexican. But he could still be an actual Latino

From Hispanic, Latino, or What?

"Pew Hispanic Center found that 48% of Latino adults generally describe themselves by their country of origin first; 26% generally use the terms Latino or Hispanic first; and 24% generally call themselves American on first reference.

It would make him to be in a minority of Latinos, but one-in-four is not a tiny minority, so it is possible he is one, indeed.

Rob said...

For my response to Anonymous, see:

"Too sensitive" about Del Rey's headdress?

Anonymous said...

if a headress offends you, you should check out all the facebook groups that are made to put down and attack Aboriginal people in Canada, heres one "end race based law" thats runned by Michelle Tittler and her "brillant" ex husband. in that group you'll find more racists that run the other facebook groups.