December 16, 2012

Oklahoma Voices to include Indians

OSU play to focus on Okla. Native narratives

By Lenzy Krehbiel-BurtonA new production highlighting Indian Country will debut at Oklahoma State University early next year.

Funded by a private grant, the school’s theater department is creating “Oklahoma Voices,” which will emphasize underrepresented groups in Oklahoma.

“A lot of the focus is on women, Freedmen and Native Americans,” assistant theater professor Jodi Jinks said. “This piece will help give a voice to Oklahoma residents who really haven’t had much of one.”

With her students helping with the research, Jinks said the production will rely heavily on first-person narratives and oral history. Along with a graduate student, she has conducted many interviews with elders across the state, including attending a codetalkers meeting earlier this year.
Comment:  For more on Native theater, see Staged Reading of Waaxe's Law and Play Portrays Ishi as Rapist, Murderer.

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