December 12, 2012

Choctaws visit Grand Ole Opry

Choctaw Tribe Visits Grand Ole OpryMississippi Band of Choctaw Indians' Chief Phyliss Anderson, and a group of traditional Choctaw dancers were guests at the Grand Ole Opry Dec. 8.

Chief Anderson and the dance group joined Marty Stuart, a Philadelphia native, on stage during two one-hour segments of the Saturday night show.

The appearance on stage at the Grand Ole Opry was a first for a Native American tribe.

Anderson presented Stuart and his wife, country music legend Connie Smith, with a beaded Choctaw medallion and a set of miniature Choctaw Christmas ornaments.

The dancers then performed the House Dance while Stuart sang “I Met My Baby at the Choctaw Fair.”
Comment:  For more on the Choctaw, see First Female Native General and Choctaw Company Makes Bathtubs.

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