December 20, 2012

Pelletier arrested for drugs, drunkenness

'Twilight' actor arrested at LAX for alleged public drunkenness"Twilight" actor Bronson Pelletier was arrested this week on suspicion of being drunk at LAX just days after he was charged with possession of cocaine and methamphetamines in West Hollywood, officials said Wednesday.

Pelletier, 25, was arrested Monday at Los Angeles International Airport for public intoxication after he boarded an aircraft and was determined by the flight crew to be an unruly passenger, LAPD officials said. Pelletier was booked at 2:15 p.m. and released seven hours later.
Actor Bronson Pelletier dismisses public urination claims“Twilight” actor Bronson Pelletier has denied reports he was caught drunkenly urinating in public at the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, insisting the incident “did not happen.”

The Canadian star was allegedly removed from a plane at the terminal after airport police received a call about an unruly passenger, and he was ordered to wait for another flight later in the day as he was too intoxicated to fly.
Comment:  For more on the travails of Twilight actors, see Bronson Pelletier Assaulted and Kiowa Gordon Arrested in DUI Case.


Anonymous said...

Ironically, he used to be on one of those "after-school special" shows in Canada. Go figure. So my biting, mocking side is chuckling a little.

Rob said...

The outcome:

'Twilight' actor sentenced in urinating incident

"Twilight" actor Bronson Pelletier pleaded no contest to charges of public intoxication, related to the December incident when he got allegedly liquored-up and urinated in the middle of a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.

Maybe he couldn't find the men's room.

Nevertheless, a judge sentenced Pelletier to two years probation this week and was ordered to attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, according to TMZ.

Pelletier previously denied letting loose at the airport ... until TMZ posted a video clearly showing him committing the deed.