December 31, 2012

Top Native stories of 2012

The Most Important Stories of 2012

2012’s Biggest Indian Country Surprises

Top 10 Most Popular Stories of the Year

2012 Hall of Fame and Mantle of Shame Awards

Comment:  I'm glad to say I covered many of these stories during the year.

These round-ups slice the top stories of 2012 in different ways: most important, biggest surprises, and most popular. But the first posting is really what we mean when we talk about the top stories.

But note: These round-ups mix "big" stories--the Cobell settlement, the Violence Against Women Act, Idle No More--with "small" stories--Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Warren, Victoria's Secret. The point is that all these issues are important to Natives.

You can see this clearly in the third round-up, which lists the most popular stories on the ICTMN site. Most deal with racial and stereotyping issues, not "more important" issues such as poverty, healthcare, and crime.

The conclusion is to ignore the critics who say these issues don't matter, because they do. Natives vote with their clicks and they want to know about racism and stereotyping. Because these issues affect them every day.

For more on the subject, see Top Native Stories of 2011.

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