December 02, 2012

"Western Bros and Nava-hoes" fundraiser

Frat fundraiser a sign of casual prejudice, aboriginal group says

Frat 'Nava-Hoes' event shows prejudice, Aboriginal group saysAboriginal groups say an Edmonton fraternity’s offensive fundraiser shows that First Nations people still have to deal with negative stereotypes.

The western-themed fundraising event, named "Western Bros and Nava-hoes," was planned by the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and was to be held at the Ranch Roadhouse.

“It made me feel, like, demeaned, like less than,” said Gail Gallagher, an Aboriginal Studies student at the University of Alberta.

“It's like culturally appropriating an aboriginal group like the Navajos.”

Gallagher says she complained to the fraternity about the name of the event, which was then changed. The president of the frat called her with an apology.

He added the frat will be working with aboriginal alumni to teach members about culturally sensitivity.
Comment:  Amazing that some people think labeling Indian women "hoes" (whores) is acceptable. It tallies with my posting that suggests a majority of Americans are racist.

For more on the subject, see "Cowboys 'n' Indians" = Blackface and "Conquistabros and Navajos" Invitation.

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