June 02, 2013

First gay Native Evangelical Lutheran bishop

Evangelical Lutherans Elect First Openly Gay, Native American Bishop

By Bridgette P. LaVictoireReverend Doctor R. Guy Erwin of the Evangelical Lutheran Church might want to call up Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson as the two have some stuff they can talk about. Both are openly gay, and both the first openly gay bishops for their respective religions. Though, Erwin does trump Robinson on one front when it comes to firsts--he is also the first Native American ELCA bishop.

Bishop Erwin was elected this Friday as the bishop for the Southwest California Synod. He will serve a six-year term in the position that he will take up officially on 21 September. He has been serving the ELCA for twenty years at various churches but only became an ordained pastor two years ago after the ELCA adopted an inclusive policy towards the ordination of ministers in committed same-sex relationships.

He is currently the interim pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Canoga Park and professor of religion and history at California Lutheran University. He was born in Oklahoma as part of the Osage Tribe.

Amalia Vagts, the executive director of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, stated “This is a great day for the Southwest California Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.” She also said that Erwin is “a wonderful leader from the LGBTQ and Native American communities.”
Comment:  For more on Native bishops, see Potawatomi Archbishop in Philadelphia.

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