June 13, 2013

Indians killed Han Solo!

A Star Wars article notes an interesting comic book featuring Indians:

10 Star Wars Characters Who Needlessly Met Han Solo

By Rob BrickenIn the Star Wars Tales comic—which, to be fair, contains adventures that aren’t even considered part of the expanded universe canon—the Falcon is shot by Imperials, escapes through hyperspace, and crash-lands on a very familiar planet. It’s familiar because it’s Earth, which we know because Han Solo is killed by Native Americans. His body—and the Falcon—is found more than 100 years later by Indiana Jones and Short Round, while investigating the legend of Bigfoot, who is of course Chewbacca. Sure, Han was dead when he "met" Indiana, and it wasn’t even close to being in even the vaguest continuity. Still, I must remind everyone of this nightmarishly dumb encounter so that those in the future will not replicate these mistakes. NEVER FORGET.Several commenters disagreed with Bricken's take on this comic. For instance:Okay the Indiana Jones one I like.

It's depressing but it's a fun short comic story that isn't part of any canon, obviously.

It's just some writer going, "Hey how can we make Indiana and Han meet?" And it makes sense, in a rather depressing way.
Comment:  I'm with the commenters. It does sound like fun--if you ignore the thought of Han Solo getting killed.

Of course, if the Indians merely reacted like savages and attacked what they didn't understand, that would be stereotypical. The reverse--that they'd worship the aliens as "sky gods"--also would be stereotypical. A human range of reactions would be best.

For more on Indiana Jones, see Indiana Jones's Criminally Bad Archaeology and Indiana Jones and the Stereotypes of Doom.


Anonymous said...

All of which proves that the theory that all of George Lucas's movies are in the same universe is true. (In this theory, Legend takes place on a planet in the Star Wars galaxy, and Howard the Duck absolutely never happened.)

Seriously did not see "killed by Indians" as the way he dies, though. Bows versus lasers (admittedly, the entire idea behind Return of the Jedi is that same principle), and he's known for shooting first.

Rob said...

This story isn't canonical, so you can imagine Solo dying in bed or whatever.