June 08, 2013

Genocidal Christians should repent first

I couldn't be bothered to dispose of the nonsense of Cindy Jacobs, TV "prophet." Fortunately, someone did it for me.

Indigenous Blood? Better Repent

By Dana Her Many HorsesThe white culture stands in a pristine church with hands dripping in our blood. And they call us to repentance. The English settlers at Jamestown were cannibalizing each other; this is an established fact proven in Anthropological records. My Powhatan ancestors saw the depth of the depravity of this invading people and were moved with pity for them. We provided food, clothing, medicine to a race who ate their dead. And this is the race who calls for our repentance, our bowed heads, our contrite hearts, our broken spirits. The compassion of the Powhatan people was repaid in blood. The Christian race from across the Sea returned death for our kindnesses.

They continued to come and decimated us with violence of all kinds, with rape, with hanging, with bayonets and bullets, and with Missionaries standing guard at the doors of churches built on the mounds of our dead. These same people who proclaim to be prophets put coals on our tongues, cut off our feet, burned us with iron and molested our young and those who were defenseless. All the while the Church marched forward through forests and into our deep deserts waiving the flag of their religion, as they drove spears through elders who could not out run them. The soldiers cut off the breasts of Navajo women. They imprisoned toddlers in irons. In the name of the Church these men exterminated entire Nations without remorse; fueled by greed and stoked by the fires of their surety that their God would turn a blinded eye and a dumb ear to the atrocities they inflicted. And yet they called for our repentance.

In my great grandmother’s lifetime Indians were beaten for speaking their languages, their hair was cut short, they were forced into Christian schools, Catholic and Protestant alike the Missionaries measured out punishments for children with red skin, and dark eyes full of questions. An Indian wasn’t considered any different in value than an animal. The same Church that has told us we are hard to save, we being full of demons and dark spirits, has called out for our repentant pleas even as it has waded shoulder high in our blood for five hundred years.
Comment:  Yes, it's pretty damn stupid for the religion of genocidal maniacs to demand repentance from others. How about you stop killing people in the name of Jesus before you worry about other religions, eh?

For more Christian bigotry toward Native religions, see Politician: Native Religion = "Mumbo Jumbo" and Christian Curriculum Praises Trail of Tears.


Anonymous said...

It's TBN. It might save your liver if you take a shot whenever they aren't saying something insane. I think I've survived five apocalypses predicted by TBN. Hmm...1994, 2000, 2001, 2005, and 2012. Yep, at least five, by my count.

Rob said...

I don't deny that Jacobs is an easy target. But my targets range from major to minor and obvious to obscure. The goal is to illustrate the whole universe of Native stereotypes.

dmarks said...

"...measured out punishments for children with red skin..."

and Dana Her Many Horses unfortunately provides some justification for that football team to use the term she, as a Native, has no problem with.