June 05, 2013

Goshen restores wooden Indian mascot

School Reverses Decision, Puts Back Indian Mascot Statue for GraduationAs ICTMN reported, a wooden statue of an American Indian Chief representing an Indiana school's "Redskins" mascot was temporarily removed from the gym last Friday ahead of a June 9 graduation ceremony to avoid offending anyone who finds it objectionable.

But after an outpouring of criticism from the community via social media, the school has reversed its decision and had the statue put back in the gym yesterday, regardless if its offensive to the school's Native Americans. A spokesperson for the school says at this point it appears the decision to remove the statue would take away from the graduation ceremonies of the class of 2013, which is not the desire of anyone in the school community.

The spokesperson also said further discussion about the future of the mascot statue will take place this summer.
Comment:  So much for the school board's respect for "differing opinions." Once again, white privilege demonstrates that white opinions count more than Native opinions.

For more on the subject, see Goshen Removes Wooden Indian Mascot.

Below:  "The Goshen High 'Redskin' American Indian statue before being returned to the school's gym for graduation."

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