June 23, 2013

Sanna: Goddess of the Sea

Here's an interesting project on Indiegogo:

Sanna: Goddess of the Sea

It's the stuff of Inuit Legend!Welcome!

My name is Ryan, and I would like to share with you a short comic book project I've been working on over the last year. It's based on the Inuit legend Sedna, or alternatively named Sanna: Goddess of the Sea. The story is a coming-of-age tale about a young Inuit woman who refuses to marry a mysterious suitor and her journey of personal and physical transformation.

This project is important to me because it is my first serious attempt at crafting a story through the medium of comics. I think it is especially important to Canada and the world that this aboriginal story be shared. My art directors have helped me through the hardest part of the process; visual development, layout, pacing, and penciling. Now I hope that you will back me for adding the inks, colors, and text. If you can help meet our financial goal you will help in bringing this project full-circle. Please check out the comic in the gallery.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see "Why Indigenous Literatures Matter" and Nanook Iluak in NORTHERN GUARD #1.

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