June 30, 2013

Geronimo in a crow headdress?

If Johnny Depp played Geronimo with a crow on his head, would that be okay? Why not, if 1) "it's just a movie," and 2) "Depp is Native"?

"It's just a movie" and "Tonto is fictional" are especially lame arguments. All the Indians in Powwow Highway, Dances with Wolves, Thunderheart, and Smoke Signals were fictional. Why didn't they have crows on their heads? What makes Tonto different from any other fictional Indian?

Really, someone give me a reason why we shouldn't put a crow on Pocahontas, Tecumseh, Sacagawea, Sitting Bull, or Crazy Horse in future movies. Because everyone knows movies are fiction, right? No one takes them seriously as history lessons, right?

Crow-heads for Indians and cowboys too. Why not? They're all fictional characters!

For more on Johnny Depp, see Indians Love Johnny Depp? and Depp to Indians: "You're Still Warriors."

Below:  Tonto's wife? Sacagawea? Wilma Mankiller? Who knows?

OMG, everyone's doing the bird thing! Everyone wants to be an Indian like Johnny Depp!

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