June 26, 2013

Muscogee Creek MMA fighter

Nikki Lowe, Muscogee, enters fighting ring

By Brandon EcoffeyThe world of Mixed Martial Arts at one point in time was considered to be etched in the likeness of male barbaric hedonism.

Those times are long gone and today there are more women participating in the sport all across the country. It is not uncommon for mothers, models, and students to turn to the sport to improve their physical fitness and for some to use the sport as a way to quench a primal thirst for competition. It is however unusual when an individual is a mother, model, student and professional fighter at the same time. Meet Nikki Lowe.

“MMA is an art that is why they call it Mixed Martial Arts because it is about discipline,” said Lowe.

Originally from Ada, Ok, Lowe, an enrolled member of the Muscogee Creek Nation with Seminole and Chickasaw lineage as well. She now lives and trains in Albuquerque. The mother of two won her final amateur fight this past weekend at a King of the Cage event at the Ute Mountain Casino in Colorado.
Comment:  For more on Native martial arts, see Lakota Black Belt to Teach Self-Defense and Navajo Hosts Mixed Martial Arts.

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