March 13, 2014

David Yeagley dies

Friends of Bad EagleDear Friends of Bad Eagle,

On behalf of the Yeagley family, I am sorry to inform you that David passed away early yesterday morning, March 11, 2014.
David Yeagley, Comanche activist, passes away at age of 62David Yeagley, a self-styled Comanche conservative activist who was a thorn in the side of Indianz.Com and many of its message board users, died on Tuesday. He was 62.

Yeagley at one point threatened to sue Indianz.Com for allegedly libelous and inflammatory postings about his controversial views. He was particularly upset when comments about his opposition to inter-racial relationships became public. He had made the comments at an anti-Indian conference in Washington, D.C.

Yeagley also engaged in a war of words with several message board users who questioned whether he was legitimately enrolled in the Comanche Nation and whether his ancestors were actually Comanche. His web site was named for Bad Eagle, whom he claimed was his great-great-grandfather.

A memorial service is taking place this afternoon in Oklahoma City, according to an obituary.
His fans at Stormfront are crushed:

David Yeagley Dies of Cancer... Before He Collected $50K From One People's Project...

But his enemies are gleeful:


Yeagley's longtime foe Al Carroll adds:I heard of it a few days ago from Comanches. I don't celebrate anyone's death, esp not from cancer. It is a shame we didn't get the chance to beat him in court, where everyone expected him to lose, even his own lawyer. He also was never going to collect that default judgment from his nuisance suit. The guy was in PA, judgment was in OK. What was amazing to me though was his intense hatred to the end. If I had so little time to live I wouldn't spend it on a hopeless court case. I wish him peace in the afterlife he never allowed himself in life.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Yeagley the Indian Apple.

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Anonymous said...

I followed him irregularly. A most puzzling man. Another poster commented that he seemed to be a very troubled person. To me he always seemed very narcissistic. I wonder how he would have invested those 50k? Good Riddance.