March 25, 2014

Twitter campaign against Redskins foundation

As soon as I heard about Dan Snyder's Redskins foundation, I tweeted:

BlueCornComics ‏@bluecorncomics Mar 24
@NativeApprops @jfkeeler Time for a new Twitter campaign? E.g., #NotYourCharity? So we can mock Snyder and his pretense of helping Natives?

Other activists were already on the case:

Native Americans tell Redskins owner: I'm #Not4Sale

By The Stream TeamNative Americans are using social media to tell the Washington Redskins football team owner that their support can't be bought.

After Dan Snyder announced plans on Monday to launch a foundation that he says will help Native Americans, activists began using the hashtag #Not4Sale to voice their opposition.

Snyder's announcement to create the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation comes after mounting criticism and pressure calling for the team to change its name.

Native Americans posted photos of themselves online with their mouths covered by money, with some stating, "No matter how much money you throw at us, we will never be your mascot."

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