November 02, 2006

Indians say no to Yeagley

What Do Actual Natives Think of Yeagley (Especially Comanches)?In only four years, Yeagley has managed to make himself the most despised person anywhere in Indian Country. Some of the more charitable Native opinions on him are that he is too much of a clown to worry much about, or simply crazy.

My earlier estimate was that Yeagley had perhaps half a dozen actual Natives agreeing with him out of an American Indian population of seven million, perhaps literally one out of a million Indians on his side. I was too generous. So far I have only been able to find a grand total of one Native (plus one other who may possibly be Native) who agree with Yeagley's far right politics and belief in white supremacy.
One Indian says no to Yeagley on the issue of Piestewa Peak:

The Hypocrisy of David YeagleyMr. Yeagley, who never served, continually cries foul whenever he sees a racist Indian label changed by Indian activism, negative Indian mascots converted into non-Indian sports names. To him, this is unthinkable. So why is it, that Mr. Yeagley never challenged the name change of Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak? Because he saw political advantage in looking as if he supports the name change as a way of maintaining his fabricated warrior image. He is not a football or baseball player, so he quickly sides with the anti-Indian factions. But his warrior image is special, and he cannot fathom criticizing the Squaw Peak issue, lest he belittle his own fantasy. To those who see it however, it is simple hypocrisy.

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