November 07, 2006

Lovejoy:  Homosexuality a choice

Homosexuality Becomes Issue In Navajo CampaignAt a forum in Albuquerque Lovejoy called homosexuality a birth defect.

“Some of our children are born with physical impairments, and it’s not the baby’s fault. … That person is special, that individual is special,” she said at the forum. “I feel the same way about sexual orientation: everyone is special.”

Later, when pressed by a local television station she suggested sexuality was a matter of choice.

“I respect everyone and that’s their choice, that’s their lifestyle they choose,” she said.


Rob said...

I believe Lovejoy is married to a non-Indian. There was a fair amount of coverage of the race in the area's newspapers: the Gallup Independent, the Farmington Daily Times, and the Navajo Times.

Rob said...

I doubt Hillary Clinton can get elected, but I'd rather have her than John McCain or any other Republican.

Rob said...

The safe bet for 2008 would be to go with the favorites: Clinton vs. McCain. But I'll guess that one or both of them won't be a nominee.