February 05, 2007

Pride in "Indian Pride"

'Indian Pride':  Coming to a public television station near youThe show's title is indicative of the passion that surrounds it in many quarters of Indian country. For all the exceptional moments of the Jan. 18 screening, perhaps the most telling came from an elderly woman of a Southwest tribe who simply fell silent, trying to describe the roadblocks thrown up against Indian cultural expression. Her gesture, so memorable on film, isn't easily described in words. Somehow it said it all without saying anything. By capturing such moments on film, “Indian Pride” promises to speak volumes beyond the core performances that are its main premise.

On an evening filled out with fine speakers from across the country, Danny Jumper, director of Seminole Broadcasting for the Seminole Tribe in Florida, came as close as anyone to interpreting the importance of “Indian Pride”: “We're survivors of history, and so we want to be part of this visibility.”


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture.

p.s. I found you off Racialicious.com

Rob said...

Glad you could join us. Stick around for some interesting talk about Indians. Racialicious covers blacks, Asians, and other minorities well, but this is the place where Native America meets pop culture.