February 03, 2007

Role model and dinosaur hunter

Q&A with Adam BeachIn a profile of you, the Times of London wrote that in portraying Ira Hayes, you were "carrying the expectations of the Native American community on [your] shoulders." Is that so? And if so, is it fair?

I do acknowledge my status as a role model for Native American people. I carry it on my sleeve. I do want a younger generation to look at me and say, "Wow, what did he do to achieve such status in Hollywood?" I want Native children to have success within their hopes and dreams. The history of Native American people is tragedy. I want to show that we as Native people are successful. We do have things to offer to the world.

So what's the next Adam Beach dream role?

I'm still trying to figure out how to get this comic book hero off the ground: Turok. He's the dinosaur hunter. It's also a video game right now. I'd love to do the voice in the animated version. But I want to do a live action version as well. Also, I just officially signed on with Law & Order: SVU. I'm the new regular. I'm stepping into one of the hottest shows as a regular. It's history in the making: there will be a Native American individual who will be shown nationwide on television once a week. Native people will be able to look at TV and see themselves. That for me is a dream role, too.

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Rob said...

Yet another Native accepts the role-model mantle. Has any Native celeb ever rejected this responsibility?

I've met Adam Beach through my work at PECHANGA.net. I plan to send him PEACE PARTY and a pitch about doing comics together.