January 26, 2008

Bible gave America to Anglos

Newcomb:  Johnson v. M'Intosh:  The Christian right of colonizationMy book documents that behind the Johnson ruling is the tacit, Old Testament-premised claim that Christians, as "chosen people," have a "God-given right" to colonize (conquer, subdue and possess) the lands of "un-chosen" indigenous nations and peoples.

Like the "chosen people" to whom Yahweh "promised" the land of Canaan in the Old Testament, the king "promised" the Christian adventurers of England the right to "conquer, occupy and possess" any lands held by non-Christians "in whatsoever parts of the world," such as the "new Canaan" of North America. As the 19th century British scholar Sir Henry Sumner Maine put the matter: "In North America, where the discoverers or new colonists were chiefly English, the Indians inhabiting that continent were compared almost universally to the Canaanites of the Old Testament, and their relation to the colonists was regarded as naturally one of war almost by divine ordinance."

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Since Christians more or less have 'conquered' Antarctica, perhaps they can tell us how many penguins have joined their churches...
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