January 22, 2008


New Web site networks info for off-reservation YuroksTwo brothers said increasing frustration at the choppy flow of information from the Yurok Tribe to out-of-the-area tribal members prompted them to launch a Web site providing a forum to share information.

Santa Cruz resident Larry Sanders and his brother, James Dunlap, of Sacramento launched YurokVoices.com in mid-January in an effort to provide off-reservation tribal members with information--particularly updates the brothers say aren't finding their way from the tribal headquarters in Klamath to members living elsewhere.

The most recent example of that information void, Dunlap said, was the result of the vote on how the settlement monies would be dispersed. While the result of the vote could have been placed on the tribe's Web site, Dunlap said it hasn't been updated for more than a year.

In fact, the impetus for the site--launched Jan. 11--was a discussion on the Times-Standard Web site comment section related to the story on the settlement vote.
Comment:  This is a good example of people bitchin' and moanin' about their government. It's also a good example of people sharing information so they can act. Which isn't surprising since the two are the same.

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