January 24, 2008

A Turok for adults

Review:  Turok RocksWhile traditional American feature animation tends to be toned down for the kids, I was surprised by the degree to which Turok is committed to serving older fans who may prefer 'Ghost in the Shell' to 'Ultimate Avengers'. The action is intense and the violence displayed in a way that would make 300 Spartans cheer. The animation of this movie looks far more beautiful than I expected it to. It's not 'Tekkonkinkreet' but it's definitely a notch or two about recent direct-to-video comic features we've seen.

Likewise, the commitment to showing Turok as a haunted but badass warrior marks it as a mature film. There's no attempt throughout the movie to soften the character's smoldering rage. To the end he is a Native American Jack Bauer, doing the bloody, dirty work to needed save the day.
Comment:  Giving Turok a vest is a step up from the usual half-naked depictions of him.

See more screen shots of Turok here.

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