January 25, 2008

Play the greedy-tribe game!

[formerly at http://www.nounfairdeals.com/game/default.htm]Do You Know Us?

We're 4 of the wealthiest tribes in California. We spend money by the suitcase on politicians in Sacramento and now we're one vote away from being a lot richer. Just try and stop us!

Attack of the Killer Slot Machines.
No one is safe from their one-armed madness.

Roll mouse from left to right to move character. Click the left mouse button (single mouse button for Mac) to fire. Press 'Esc' to quit game at any time.
Comment:  Funny to see two of the wealthiest tribes in California slamming four of the wealthiest tribes in California.

Is it racist if some tribes portray other tribes as greedy?


Anonymous said...

And where exactly did Native Americans learn to be greedy?
It's okay for corporations, they're expected to be greedy, but when an 'Indian' does it, all of a sudden it's wrong!

Anonymous said...

Greed is a human characteristic...

As far as I know NDNs are human.

Rob said...

I've never said that no Indians are greedy. What I have said is that they aren't greedier than anyone else. In other words, I've disputed the media stereotype that Indians are greedy by nature.

Alas, the NoUnfairDeals website is no longer online. You'll have to use the illustration to imagine how bad the game was.

Anonymous said...

Why would Americans expect that Indians (after their long persecution) would not be greedy by taking a lesson from Wall Street?

Is there is anything lacking in American politics, it is the focus upon civil and property rights that have become near piracy or the absolute practice of it to secure the rewards available to those willing to participate.

Since, in theory, collective rights are derivatives alone of individual rights under the Constitution, greed should not be an attribute that anyone can embrace given that greed is not a part of the Constitution that defends personal rights. The substitution of greed through the portal of free trade, ignoring the fair trade that the Constitution grants, for what has always been recognized as personal property rights and privacy rights is among the most bastardized of conventional thinking through the leverage of collective action.

Getting back to basics is all we can hope to accomplish, but all that is necessary to restore the democracy we once had based solely upon the Constitution and the unadorned simplicity of past Supreme Court interpretation which placed the Constitution first in importance.