January 23, 2008

Intimidation defense doesn't fly

Three Columbus Day parade protesters found guiltyThe first three of more than 80 protesters to be tried for blocking a Columbus Day parade in October were found guilty in Denver District Court on Tuesday.

Sentenced to fines were University of Colorado political science professor Glenn Morris; the Rev. Julie Todd, a Methodist minister; and Koreena Montoya, of Denver.
The defense attorney tries another tack:Lane asked the four-woman, five-man jury to consider that the protesters had no other way to make known their point that celebrating Columbus is offensive to Indians, who see the explorer as someone who caused the near extermination of their people.

Lane told the jurors that the delay of the Columbus Day parade was insignificant compared with the suffering of Indians since Columbus landed.
Comment:  Try waving a sign, distributing a flyer, or writing a blog next time, people. If there's ever an excuse for interfering with someone's freedom of speech and assembly, this wasn't it.

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